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Wheel Waste Bins For Clean & Green City.

Made up of 100% Virgin quality High Density Polyethylene material. Honeycomb design according to Euro Standards at the place of lifting device making it more durable. Sturdy wheel along with corrosion free solid steel axle designed for rough road surface. One of the best light weight, durable and robust silent worker with long lasting life. Highly resistant to chemicals, all weather & UV radiation. One Piece long sturdy handle with good grip hold. Smooth interior surface suitable for easy cleaning. Eco Friendly & Recyclable.

Aristo Swing Bucket
Aristo Swing Bucket
SWING 32 32 LTRS 38 (D) x 53.60 Cm
SWING 60 60 LTRS 47.5 (D) x 69.50 Cm
SWING 80 80 LTRS 51 (D) x 76.50 Cm


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